Storing things in a warehouse vs a mini-warehouse – which do you prefer?

Estonia’s four seasons, wealth of sporting hobbies and a general increased interest in home decorating have created a situation where we all have a lot of stuff. It is no wonder, then, that it is becoming increasingly popular to store temporarily unneeded items outside the home in various storage facilities.

Storing things in a warehouse – when and why?

Before going into the pros and cons of different warehouses, let’s look at when and why to consider storing things temporarily in a warehouse:

  • With a renovation on the horizon – whether it’s a room or a whole living space, instead of wrapping up furniture in shingles and carrying it from room to room, you can have it all packed up and safely stored away for the duration of the renovation. This way, there is no chance of furniture getting damaged or dusty during the repair.
  • You’re moving house, but your new home isn’t ready yet – temporarily storing all the furniture you move in a warehouse gives you the freedom to choose a temporary home without worrying about furniture. Whether you’re going on a trip, or you’re moving with us, your belongings will be packed, stored and unpacked in your new location like magic.
  • Items needing temporary storage – temporary storage works well if you are a furniture enthusiast and actively buy and sell furniture, for example. You can store your items in our warehouse and we can also transport them from the warehouse to the buyer if you wish.
  • Seasonal storage – we don’t just store furniture, we welcome everything from crockery and clothes to ski equipment and surfboards.

Barn vs mini barn – which do you prefer?

While mini-warehouses are an increasingly common option for temporary storage, they also have their drawbacks – they are often in inconvenient locations, do not allow for the most optimal arrangement of items and are quite expensive. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose our warehouse over a mini-warehouse:

  • In a mini-warehouse, you have to choose the size of the space – if your stuff doesn’t fit in the small space, you have to rent a bigger space, no matter how half-empty it is. With us, you only pay for the space you actually use.
  • Mini-warehouses determine the dimensions of the space constraints for storing items. We don’t have any such restrictions, we offer optimum storage – packing and arranging your belongings to take up as little space as possible .
  • Mini-warehouses are usually located far from the city and require a car, but our warehouse is located in Tallinn – we have both parking and a great bus connection.
  • Mini-warehouses have video surveillance, but with us, your assets are even more secure – we have manned security in addition to video surveillance on the warehouse premises.
  • The mini-stores charge on the basis of a pre-set price list, based on the size of the space to be rented, the rental period and the possibility to purchase additional services. We will prepare a personalised offer for each client for the most sensible storage of assets.

True, mini-warehouses usually offer 24/7 access to the goods they store, and warehouses tend to provide access during opening hours, but in most cases, such as storing goods for repairs or moving, the customer does not want to visit their property and the goods are transported directly from the warehouse to the new location.

Want to know more about storing things?

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