Furniture assembly and installation

Bought new kitchen furniture or an armchair, but the product arrived in pieces, and you don’t have the tools or skills to assemble it?

Or are you planning to order office furniture for your office, but assembling dozens of desks and other furniture is too much?

If so, our furniture assembly and installation service is for you! Kolimisrõõm specialists have many years of experience in assembling furniture and all the tools needed for the job. Trust us to install your furniture, whether you’re a private or corporate client!

Reading technical drawings is a specialised skill that requires attention and experience. It only takes a small mistake to break the product, and the seller will not compensate you for mistakes made during the assembly of the furniture. Thanks to our extensive network of partners and years of experience with private clients, we have been exposed to all kinds of different solutions and are therefore able to assemble and install furniture from different manufacturers with high quality.

After the furniture has been assembled, our furniture assemblers will take all packaging for disposal, using a vacuum cleaner if necessary. No headaches and no junk, just professionally assembled furniture!

We also offer a home delivery service if you’ve ordered a new piece of furniture and need transport. We also have extensive experience in custom furniture installation.

What is the price of furniture assembly and installation?

The final price, the time needed for the job, is determined by: the number of furniture installers, the number of additional services ordered, the time needed for the job, the distance and time needed for the journey.

For example, assembling a simple chest of drawers with two furniture assemblers and recycling the packaging costs approx. 60€+km assuming the job took 1h. The price includes a transfer to and from your destination.

Important to know:

  • Mon-Fri 1 furniture fitter hourly rate from 30 €/h + km.
  • From L to P, the hourly rate for 1 furniture fitter starts from 40 €/h + km.
  • The price does not include extra work – specialists for plumbing and major electrical work have a special price.
  • An additional outward journey fee applies if the site is located outside Tallinn.
  • Please prepare the room where the furniture collection will take place, i.e. make the room as empty as possible.
  • In case of furniture installation (e.g. kitchen furniture), please identify wall and floor materials, electrical connections, water connections.
  • If available, please send technical drawings/drawings of furniture, links and layout plan.
  • Our furniture assemblers will remove the furniture packaging from your premises.
  • Complaints can only be made in writing via e-mail to within 2 working days. Subsequent claims will not be accepted. Possible disputes and misunderstandings will be resolved by negotiation, and if no agreement is reached, the situation will be resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in Estonia.
  • Payment for the service for private individuals in cash or on the basis of a prepayment invoice.
  • Payment for the service to legal persons on the basis of an invoice.
  • We also work evenings and weekends by arrangement.

NB! We only assemble/install new furniture, unless we have dismantled the old furniture ourselves.

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