Storage of things

We offer both short-term and long-term storage services!

Need to move out of your old apartment, but the new one isn’t ready yet and renting a mini-warehouse is expensive? Do you play seasonal sports, but you don’t have a garage or a basement box, but you can’t fit all your sports equipment in your home?

Store your things in the Joy of Moving warehouse! Moving pleasure is based on your wishes when it comes to the storage and warehousing of your goods. Our warehouses are covered with eaves, safe, warm and dry. We carry out the transport to and from the warehouse and, if necessary, dismantle/assemble the furniture.

For example, you can deposit with us:

  • Items to be temporarily stored during removal (furniture, clothes, dishes, etc.)
  • Temporarily remaining furniture items (e.g. items that are for sale).
  • Seasonal items (e.g. surfboard, motorbike equipment, clothes, garden furniture, etc.)

We also offer a warehousing service for business customers. For more information, see the Business services page.

How is the price of storing your belongings calculated?

The factors that determine the price are: the volume of goods to be stored, the storage period, the transport of the goods to and from the warehouse, the need for assembly or dismantling and the time required for the work.

For example, you bought a new sofa and sold the old one, but the buyer can’t collect it for a month because he’s travelling. You have 2 couches in your home but you can’t fit them in and you’re looking for somewhere to store them for a month. In this case, the price of storing a sofa (consisting of up to 2 parts) for 1 (one) month would be about 32€+km.

Important to know:

  • A contract is concluded for the deposit of goods and the deposit is subject to a list of all the goods to be deposited.
  • The minimum storage period is 1 (one) month and the calculation is done on a monthly basis.

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