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Kolimisrõõm OÜ is a moving company based in Tallinn, Estonia, offering a full-service package of moving services, furniture assembly and installation, furniture and home appliances delivery to the home, transport service, and lift service to the floor.


Whatever your moving needs are, from disassembling, packing, and relocating an entire office to assembling a new sofa, Kolimisrõõm has the solution for you. We offer a wide range of services, from full-service moving to individuals and businesses to custom-tailored services. By prior arrangement, we also work in the evenings and on weekends.

Get in touch with us, and we will find the best solution for you!

Furniture transport and home delivery

We move your furniture safely and securely to exactly where you need it.

Mööbli paigaldus ja mööbli kokkupanek

Furniture assembly and installation

We assemble and install your furniture quickly and professionally.

Kolimisteenus ärikliendile, kolimisteenused Tallinnas, mööbli kokkupanek, mööbli paigaldus, vana mööbli äravedu, laoteenus, transporditeenus, kaubavedu, kolimisfirma, laadijad, kolijad, kolimisrõõm, kolimine Tallinnas, asjade hoiustamine

Removal and disposal of old furniture

We dispose of your furniture and equipment in a convenient and environmentally friendly way.

Kolimisteenus ärikliendile, kolimisteenused Tallinnas, mööbli kokkupanek, mööbli paigaldus, vana mööbli äravedu, laoteenus, transporditeenus, kaubavedu, kolimisfirma, laadijad, kolijad, kolimisrõõm, kolimine Tallinnas, asjade hoiustamine

Transport services and freight transport

We offer comprehensive transport and distribution services, giving you the opportunity to utilize our warehouse facilities to suit your needs.

raskete asjade kolimine

Moving heavy items

From safes to pianos, we will move your heavy items carefully and safely.

Storage of things

We store your furniture and other items safely and securely.

IMG_3473 (1)

Warehousing service for e-shops

Store your goods in our modern warehouses in Tallinn.


Packing service

We provide professional packing services to ensure your belongings are moved safely and successfully.

Rendikastid (1)

Packing materials and moving supplies

We can help you pack with a wide range of packaging accessories and materials.

Kolimisteenus ärikliendile, kolimisteenused Tallinnas, mööbli kokkupanek, mööbli paigaldus, vana mööbli äravedu, laoteenus, transporditeenus, kaubavedu, kolimisfirma, laadijad, kolijad, kolimisrõõm, kolimine Tallinnas, asjade hoiustamine

Moving service for business

We can move your business in Estonia, Finland and the Baltics comfortably and quickly.

Eraisiku kolimisteenus

Moving service for private customers

We will move your furniture in Tallinn, Harju County or by agreement in Tartu.




Planning your move in advance is the best way to ensure that your relocation runs smoothly. It is recommended to book with a removal company at least 7-14 days before your intended move date in order to get the desired service.

Aside from the actual move day, the removal company can also provide packing services to help make the process easier. This involves making sure that all items are packed properly and securely with the right materials to ensure safe transportation.

It is important to keep in mind that queues for services can vary from 3 days to 2 weeks, so it is important to plan ahead and make sure that you book in advance.

By making an inquiry and placing an order on, the customer confirms and agrees to the terms and conditions specified on this page. To ensure an efficient service, kindly provide as much detail as possible about the service you require and the environment in which the work will take place.

For the removal service, please provide the following information:

  • The origin and destination addresses
  • The floor levels
  • Availability of a lift
  • A detailed list of items to be removed
  • If you require packing services
  • If you require early packing and delivery
  • If furniture needs to be disassembled or assembled
  • If there are narrow doors or corridors, multiple floors within the apartment, or any other special considerations
  • Parking accessibility and cost near the entrance
  • Information on heavy items over 80 kg


For furniture assembly and installation services, please provide:

  • The exact address
  • Product information, e-shop link, or drawings
  • If you require delivery of the furniture
  • Please also make room for the installers to speed up the installation process.


For transport services, kindly provide:

  • Detailed information about the goods
  • If you require delivery to your home or room
  • The exact address and floor level
  • The pick-up location
  • Necessary documents for collection

We will deliver the goods at a convenient time and location, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

For the removal of old furniture, please provide the following information:

  • The exact pick-up address and floor level
  • Pictures of the items to be disposed of, including dimensions and approximate weight if possible.”

We are headquartered in Tallinn and offer weekly deliveries to Tartu and Viljandi with a team of two furniture installers. Our skilled technicians will also perform the furniture assembly on-site.

Please provide us with as much accurate information about your desired moving service or transportation needs, and we will assist you in determining the appropriate truck size, whether a small van or a large tail lift truck is required.

The customer has the flexibility to choose the type of moving service they prefer. Our moving service includes packing, disassembling/assembling furniture, loading/unloading items into the moving truck, and transportation between the origin and destination.

Additionally, we offer in-store delivery of goods with assembly and installation of new furniture, and old furniture recycling.

The customer can opt to perform some tasks themselves, such as packing personal belongings and disassembling/reassembling furniture, or they can choose to hire only a moving truck and driver.

Usually, customers pack their belongings and have the removal company handle the furniture and transport.

Our goal is to assist with either a partial or full move and ensure a stress-free experience.

Wrap delicate items and dishes in either packing paper or other cushioning materials in the moving boxes. Clothes and soft items can be packed in either plastic bags or designated moving boxes.

Special attention should be given to electronics and glass items. For maximum protection, they should be protected with bubble wrap, cardboard corners, foam, and wrapping paper.

We recommend labeling boxes and bags according to contents and rooms for faster unloading into the correct space. We take care of our client’s belongings, but we cannot be held responsible for items that are packed by the client themselves.

For the complete liability of belongings, packing services should also be ordered from us.

Please refer to our service price list for a comprehensive overview of our service prices.

Hourly prices for our services are listed in the price list and include value-added tax. Services can be performed on holidays, weekends, and from 6:00 PM to 9:00 AM, subject to agreement.

Working hours are calculated from the moment the moving team departs from the Kolimisrõõm OÜ warehouse (Red 42 Tallinn) to the destination and end when they arrive back at the Kolimisrõõm warehouse.

On average, an additional 0.5 hours will be added to the working hour’s calculation within Tallinn.

An additional fee per kilometer will be added for locations outside of Tallinn.

Working hours are calculated to the nearest half hour. The minimum calculation is one hour, unless otherwise agreed. The cost of packing materials will be added based on our price list and actual expenses.

Payment Terms of Kolimisrõõm OÜ:

For private clients, payment is either by invoice after work is completed or in cash. For private clients, the due date for the invoice is one working day from the date of invoice issuance.

For business clients, as per agreement. Upon completion of the service, the client is asked to sign the service certificate in the mobile environment using the worker’s phone. By signing, the client confirms that the moved property has been delivered and there are no claims.

Please make sure that everything is in order with your moved property before signing. Kolimisrõõm’s trucks have GPS devices that accurately show the vehicles’ movement and on-site loading times in real-time.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a booked service with Kolimisrõõm OÜ, you must notify them within 24 hours of your booking. If the cancellation or rescheduling is made within this time frame, Kolimisrõõm OÜ reserves the right to charge a fee for the first hour of the reserved service. Cancellation must be made via email to

Our customer is responsible for parking arrangements – whenever possible, contact the local authorities in order to keep the closest parking spot available for service performance.

If the parking is paid, the client is responsible for the payment. When moving, we ask to arrange a parking spot near the entrance of the building for the moving vehicle(s) or permit. Otherwise, the relocation will take significantly more time as blocking the pedestrian and vehicle paths is prohibited.

Kolimisrõõm is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer’s property or the environment during loading or transportation.  Kolimisrõõm is not responsible for any breakage or defects in the customer’s property due to inadequate, incorrect, or non-existent packaging.

We recommend using Kolimisrõõm’s packing service, which securely protects the assets being moved from any potential damage during the move and transportation.

The moving service provider is not responsible for any consequences caused by the customer or any third parties not related to the moving company (e.g. the customer and their friends or family helping to load the items).

This includes any material damage and any physical injuries caused by improper procedures. Any claims must be made in writing to within 2 working days.

Any disputes and misunderstandings will be resolved through negotiations, and if no agreement is reached, the matter will be resolved according to the applicable legislation in Estonia.

The items to be moved must fit through all possible passages of the building with reasonable effort. Kolimisrõõm will not dismantle doors, windows, walls, or other structures of the house or apartment without prior information.

The items to be moved must belong to the customer or the customer must have a legal/authorized right to move the items from one place to another. Kolimisrõõm does not take any responsibility for the origin of the items and does not interfere with the distribution of the items.

The company follows the customer’s wishes and the customer takes responsibility for moving the items from one place to another.

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