Packing service

Moving house and the thought of packing gives you a headache? Don’t worry, Kolimisrõõm will pack and unpack for you! It is possible to choose between partial or full packing and, in addition to moving, packing can also be used for storing your belongings.

Businesses that have ordered our packaging services can rest assured that our professional team will get the job done, allowing your staff to focus on their core business at the same time. Our experienced removal teams are not only experts in home removals, but have also undergone comprehensive packing training to ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the move! Whether you need to move furniture or kitchenware, all items will arrive safely at their destination!

If you order both packing and unpacking services from us, we will dispose of the packing materials free of charge!

Partial packaging service:

There are different options for partial packaging. The most popular solution is for the customer to pack their own clothes, dishes and other smaller items in boxes and label them, and then order the removal company to pack the larger items, e.g. in boxes. dismantling and packing of furniture. Alternatively, the customer can pack the furniture themselves and outsource the packing of smaller items to a removal company.

In both cases, the customer draws up a list of the goods to be moved and the movers pack on the basis of the list.

If you choose a partial packing service, Kolimisrõõm also offers packing supplies – cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and other quality moving supplies to make your packing job more convenient. Check out the selection here.

Full packing service:

The movers will either bring the packing materials earlier or on the day of packing, packing all the belongings and items on your premises, from clothes to large pieces of furniture. In the case of a full service, the movers themselves draw up a list of all the items to be packed.

How is the price of the packaging service?

Factors that influence the price: the amount and cost of packing materials, the number and size of items to be packed, the space and convenience (e.g. workspace) for packing items, the existence of a list of belongings, whether major furniture needs to be dismantled, whether the fridge has been defrosted in advance, whether the washing machine has been disconnected and the water drained in advance, whether unnecessary items have been sorted out in advance, etc.

Important to know:

  • In the event of cancellation or modification of the booking less than 24 hours in advance, Kolimisrõõm OÜ has the right to charge the cancellation fee for the first agreed working hour.
  • Complaints can only be made in writing via e-mail to within 2 working days. Subsequent claims will not be accepted. Possible disputes and misunderstandings will be resolved by negotiation, and if no agreement is reached, the situation will be resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in Estonia.
  • Payment for the service for private individuals in cash or on the basis of a prepayment invoice.
  • Payment for the service to legal persons on the basis of an invoice.
  • We also work on evenings and on weekends by agreement.

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