Moving service for private customers

We can help you move your belongings from your house, apartment, cottage, garage or other surface to the location you want. In Estonia, we offer moving services in Tallinn and Harju County, by agreement also in Tartu..

Our movers have many years of professional experience, ensuring that every move, from transporting a sofa to moving the furniture of an entire house, is successfully and effortlessly completed!

What does the removal process look like with the help of a removal company?

1. Let us know you want to move by submitting a request on or by calling +372 56814088 and describe your request (location, size of the residence/office or other space to be moved, items to be moved, etc.).

2. Pack your personal belongings securely in moving boxes and bags with the help of plastic or bubble wrap, moving bags or other textiles, or outsource the packing service to a moving company. When you order a packing service from us, we will come to your premises with the necessary packing equipment and pack the items you are moving for you in accordance with security standards.

3. The removal team will arrive at the address to be moved at the agreed time and assist with packing and/or safely transport your belongings to the removal van.

4. The movers transport the customer’s belongings to the desired location and deliver the items to the new home or office.

5. By agreement, we assemble and install the customer’s furniture and equipment in the desired location.

Check out our terms and conditions here.

In addition to removal services, Kolimisrõõm also offers the following services to private clients:

NB! We encourage you to save our number on your phone so that you can quickly and conveniently subscribe to our services at any time!

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