How much does a removal service cost?

If you are about to move, one of the main questions you may have is: how much does it cost to move, or what is the price of the removal service and how or what does the removal company calculate the price. In this post, we will explain in more detail which factors influence the price of the removal service and which you can use to make the service cheaper, partly by preparing the move yourself.

  1. Preparation by the client
    Good preparation is a prerequisite for a fast removal service. Make clear what things you want to move and what you want to throw away or give away. In the process of moving on, people and companies discover a lot of things that they no longer remembered existed, or that were no longer used and hidden away for the future. As a rule, you get rid of such items yourself, which also saves you time moving, or, in the case of larger items, you let the removal company take them to the Recycling Centre or a waste collection centre either before or after the move. Make a plan of how much you want the removal company to help with and how much you want to do yourself. Indicate in advance on items, boxes, bags what the delicate items are, what the contents are and what rooms they will go to at the destination.
  2. Distance between origin and destination
    Moving can be within a single building or between two or more locations. As the price of the service is time-based, the pricing is also based on whether the origin and destination are 5 minutes or 30 minutes apart. In the case of an intercity move, we will prepare a separate transport price for the client, which is fixed. It should also be taken into account that the time of the removal service includes the drive from the Kolimisrõõm warehouse (Punane 42 Tallinn) to the object and the drive back to the Kolimisrõõm warehouse after the removal. The average return journey time to and from Tallinn is 20-30 minutes in total.
  3. Access to the removal van
    Find out and, if possible, let the cooperative/company building manager know the date of your move and specify or, if possible, reserve the nearest parking space to the front door so that the removal van does not park illegally on the pavement or driveway. The closer to the entrance you can park your removal van, the quicker the move will be.
  4. Floor
    On which floor is the starting point and on which floor is the end point? Is there a lift in the building and can it be used? How big is the lift and what kind of objects can it carry? There may be situations where the internal rules of the association or business premises do not allow the transport of large objects by lift or where the lift walls and doors need to be protected. Elevators in apartment buildings often cannot accommodate larger items of furniture (e.g. sofas, mattresses, wardrobes, etc.), and if you are moving from a higher floor, it will take considerably longer to carry them up the stairs.
  5. The volume of goods to be moved
    will vary according to the quantity of boxes, bags, furniture, household appliances, art and plants. Some customers may have a one-bedroom apartment with the contents of a three-bedroom apartment, and vice versa, so the volume determines the time needed to carry the items. Moving heavy items is also a time-consuming job, and.
    it is a more expensive job than a normal removal service because of the weight, distance and floors.
  6. Packing your belongings
    It’s worth thinking about whether you want to pack and unpack your belongings yourself, or whether you want to leave it to a removal company. Packing takes up a large proportion of the time spent on removal services.
  7. Dismantling and assembling furniture
    In addition to packing, this is also a time-consuming activity, but most of the time it is either necessary or saves a lot of moving time and reduces the risk of furniture falling through holes and getting damaged. It can be a curtain rail, a lamp, a wardrobe, a custom-made kitchen or a wardrobe. New furniture assembly and installation can also be ordered from a removal company.
  8. Working hours
    During normal working hours during the week, services are cheaper than outside working hours, weekends and public holidays.
  9. Storage
    If you want to store your belongings for the duration of a renovation or the completion of a new home or business premises, you should also consider the price of the storage service, which is based on the volume of the items and the storage period.

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