Simple tips to save money, time and nerves when moving house

Moving is usually a joyful event, promising a new and better life in a new place. Unfortunately, organising a move always involves a big change and significant costs. How to prepare?

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Since a new home requires an outlay, why not do some of the moving rituals yourself.

But it is important not to overestimate your own strength when making this choice. Being too extravagant when you move can make the process tediously long and instead of joy, you’ll only experience fatigue and frustration.

Here are a few money-saving tips – read on to find out what you can do yourself and what a professional removal company could do.

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Take an objective look at the whole household and feel free to choose what you want to move and what you don’t. Take anything you don’t need to the waste station, donate usable items as gifts or to a recycling centre, for example, and sell off profitable items you no longer need.


For all the things you plan to carry, divide them into two categories: essentials and things you can manage without for a while. Pack the first ones in separate boxes, write down the contents in detail and place them in the car so that they are ready to hand on arrival.

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Stock up on the right-sized boxes, packing materials and tape and pack everything yourself. Labelling boxes makes unpacking much easier in a new home, as you already know where to put which boxes when you move in. Keep your most valuable belongings and documents with you and transport them yourself.


If you want to save money on removal services and organise things independently, get 3-4 friends to help you move your worldly possessions from your old home to your removal van and from there to your new home.

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Choose boxes that can withstand the load and will not fall apart. Stock up on moving boxes from acquaintances, or check out shops to see what’s available for free. Instead of wrapping paper, you can use old newspapers, kitchen towels and other soft fabrics.


If you’re unplugging and packing up all the technical and electronic equipment in your household, it’s a good idea to take photos of where the wires are in your computer, TV and other equipment before you start. So it’s easy to connect them correctly after the move.

The disassembly and assembly of furniture also provides a significant price saving. It is also a good idea to take pictures of larger pieces of furniture before and during dismantling, mark the parts and fittings and, if necessary, draw up a short instruction manual to ensure that the assembly process is safe and quick. If you know you’re good at both dismantling and reassembling, give it a go!

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Make sure you can park the removal van as close to the front door as possible before the day of the move, and think about where furniture and equipment will be located in your new home/office. For larger items, measure all doorways and, if necessary, narrower areas such as stairwells, to reduce your own or your movers’ time. After all, the cost of the service depends on it.

It’s up to you, save for the things you’d rather do yourself! The Joy of Moving is ready to organise the whole service from end to end, or the part you don’t want to do yourself. We make tedious tasks as easy as possible for you. Feel free to contact us!

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