Moving heavy items

The grand piano collects dust and the safe sits empty, but the thought of moving them makes your back ache? Or you bought a solid antique wooden chest of drawers that needs to be moved to the 4th floor in one piece, but you don’t have any really strong friends to help you?

Kolimisrõõm comes to the rescue. We help both private and business clients with heavy removals and special requests.

Heavy items are items weighing more than 80kg. We use specific equipment to lift these items. Special removals are carried out by trained, qualified movers, ensuring that items arrive safely at their destination without damage.

If you want to get rid of a heavy object, we also offer a disposal service.

What is the cost of moving heavy items?

Factors influencing the price: number of movers, working time, weight of the items to be transported, dimensions of the item, distance, access, floor, possibility of using the elevator.

For example, moving a piano weighing 200 kg in Tallinn, from 2. floor up the stairs to destination 2. floor costs approx. 180€+VAT, depending on how long the distance is.

Important to know:

  • The minimum charge is one hour. After the first hour, the time is calculated to the next half hour.
  • In the event of cancellation or modification of the reservation less than 24 hours in advance, Kolimisrõõm OÜ has the right to charge the cancellation fee for the first agreed working hour.
  • Complaints can only be made in writing via e-mail to within 2 working days.
    Claims submitted later will not be considered
  • . Possible disputes and misunderstandings will be resolved by negotiation, and if no agreement is reached, the situation will be resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in Estonia.
  • Payment for the service for private individuals in cash or on the basis of a prepayment invoice.
  • Payment for the service to Business Clients on the basis of an invoice.
  • We also work evenings and weekends by agreement.
  • Check out all our terms and conditions.

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