Packing materials and moving supplies

Moving house or office and need to pack your belongings?

You can buy or rent a wide range of packing accessories from Kolimisrõõm, making packing much more convenient.

One of the prerequisites for a successful and safe move is proper packing and the right packing materials. Using the right packing supplies saves time, keeps your items safe and, when you rent packing supplies, you can save the environment by returning them after your move instead of throwing them away.

The following packaging accessories are available:

  • Corrugated cardboard moving boxes – A corrugated cardboard moving box is strong and can withstand heavy loads.
  • Plastic container box– a recyclable and more environmentally friendly alternative to corrugated cardboard.
  • Packing tape – special tape for securely sealing boxes.
  • Packing film – great for protecting furniture from dust and scratches, for example.
  • Bubble wrap – designed to protect breakable objects, reinforce furniture corners and cushion.
  • Large trash bags– handy for storing clothes, blankets and other soft small items.
  • Moving car rent

Sizes of corrugated cardboard moving boxes:

Moving boxes from cardboard LARGE

  • 50x40x40 cm, with handles
  • Price – 3,20€+km/piece
  • For packing clothing and other lighter items
  • The box can support a weight of 25-30 kg when moved
  • The box has hand grips at the ends for easy lifting
Cardboard box with handles 500x400x400mm

Moving boxes from cardboard VÄIKE

  • 39x29x37 cm
  • Price – 1,62€+km/each
  • Designed for packing books, crockery and other heavy items.
Cardboard box 390x290x370mm

Plastic moving box with lid

  • 60x40x34 cm, 55 litres
  • The box can support 35 kg when moved
  • Possibility to close the box with special seals
  • The box also comes with a food certificate
  • Conic boxes are a great option for picking and packing orders in warehouses. The ideal tapered shape allows for both quick stacking and stacking inside each other for quick space savings (75% space saving).

Sizes of removal vans:

  • Box van containers 15-21 cubic metres (e.g. 21 cubic metre van body, which is also the most common option, has the following internal dimensions: length 4.2m, width 2.2m, height 2.3m).
  • Trucks 45-55 cubic metres

What is the cost of buying or renting packaging equipment?

We sell packaging accessories at piece price. If you have sent an enquiry, our specialists will be able to advise you on quantities. The rental of packing supplies depends on the number of supplies to be rented and the length of the rental period.

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