Furniture assembly and installation – for whom and why?

Whether it’s a new sofa, bespoke furniture, kitchen furniture or a built-in wardrobe, assembling and installing furniture can be a real headache without the right tools and previous experience. In the worst cases, mistakes made during assembly and installation can also irreversibly damage the furniture.

The good news is that furniture assembly and installation can nowadays easily be entrusted to professionals, and there are several factors in its favour:

  • Over the years, Kolimisrõõm has assembled and installed furniture from almost all furniture salons and manufacturers operating in Estonia, which means that we know the specific characteristics of each brand’s products and can take them into account.
  • As we specialise in furniture assembly and installation, we have all the right tools in our toolbox to ensure the job is done correctly.
  • Our specialists are experienced and trained in various aspects of furniture assembly and installation – not only assembly, but also the necessary cutting, integration and other additional work.

And don’t forget the time-saving benefits of putting the job in the hands of professionals – instead of spending the day scrubbing the floor with a screwdriver and technical drawings, you can take the family out or visit friends. But in addition to the peace of mind and time-saving, the furniture assembly and installation service has some surprising advantages:

  • Furniture, including sofas and armchairs, nowadays usually comes in several pieces. However, manufacturers do not replace defects made during assembly and the product cannot be returned. However, as a professional service provider, we’re insured, so even if something should happen, you won’t lose your money or your furniture.
  • In our long experience, we have seen that even when custom-made furniture is made to exact dimensions, when it comes to installation, it is usually the case that there is still something wrong somewhere. However, our specialists are able to remove such defects during the installation process, ensuring the desired end result.
  • As furniture has become lighter, it is common practice to fix furniture to the wall to avoid accidents caused by falling over chests of drawers and similar furniture and to achieve a visually aesthetic result. We have both the right tools and the know-how to choose the right fasteners for your wall material and furniture dimensions.

To sum up, although you can assemble and install furniture yourself, it is worth considering leaving the job to experienced professionals for the sake of a more comfortable life and a sure success. If you also hire furniture removal services from us, you can get the whole job done without having to do anything yourself. We also recycle packaging and clean up any debris from the job – all you have to do is check the quality of the work and start using the assembled furniture!

Want to know more about furniture assembly and installation?

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us know if you would like us to install or assemble your furniture by filling in the enquiry form below or by emailing and we will find a solution to suit you.

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